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Mount Batur jeep tour  – You may not have a good mountain climbing experience. You also do not have adequate equipment. On the other hand, you really want to witness the sunrise for the first time in Bali with your beloved family. How beautiful it is to watch the sunrise in the morning while at the top of Mount Batur. The cool morning breeze blows on your face and hair which may be sweating from the morning hike.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Island of the Gods in Bali while on leave or get a year-end long holiday, then you need to provide a special day to enjoy an alternative to climbing Mount Batur Bali with a Mount Batur Jeep tour to catch the amazing sunrise. You are guaranteed not to be tired during the trip up the mountain and you can also save a lot of time so that your to-do list while traveling on Bali island can be fulfilled according to schedule.

Mount Batur jeep tour is an activity that is much sought after by tourists who come to Bali besides Bali Sunrise trekking, Bali ATV Ride, Bali rafting, Bali Buggy Ride, Bali Mountain Cycling, and Bali Watersport

Mount Batur jeep tour has no limit for the age of visitors because it can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Children and even parents can try the refreshing sensation of welcoming the amazing sunrise from a peak of Mount Batur. Everyone who comes will be able to enjoy a holiday on the island of Bali in a different way. Usually people who want to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur is to climb Mount Batur. We offer an alternative to come to the top of Mount Batur by using a Jeep which will take more than 2 hours from the meeting point. Prepare the supplies you need to bring before meeting the Jeep driver who will take you to the top of Mount Batur to witness the amazing view of the sunrise.


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