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Bali Water Sports Tour is a Bali Activities Package that offers a complete range of marine activities with significant challenges, enjoyment, and fun designed on Bali Island. It provides a variety of water activities and takes you to an unforgettable experience to enjoy memorable watersport activities on the beach or at the sea. Bali Water Sports Tour provides a fantastic marine adventure experience for everyone who wants to enjoy and have the best experience in Bali. The Exciting Bali Water Sports Tour programs such as Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Donut Boat, Water Ski, Flying Fish, Banana Boats, Wakeboarding, Glass Bottom Wisata Boats, Ocean Walkers, Diving, and Turtle Islands With Competitive Rates. All Bali Water Sports Tour activities are guaranteed with high-quality safety equipment and health insurance to maintain guest comfort. Make your trip fun and memorable with the Bali Water Sports activities you choose.

Day trips in Bali can also make a combination tour between Water Sports Activities with Sightseeing Tour, or with Bali Quad Bike you can do two different experiences in one day. The best combination with watersport activities is: Bali Water Sports and the Uluwatu Tour is a great experience to enjoy watersports activities and visit the Uluwatu temple and will be entertained by sunset in Pura Uluwatu. and also watersport activities can be combined with a Bali ATV Ride through a small forest and the white cliff in the Uluwatu forest


Activity Price Remarks
Snorkeling Nusa Dua USD 20 1 Hour
Sea Walker USD 35 30 Minutes
Parasailing USD 20 1 Round
Parasailing Adventures USD 35 1 Round
Jet Ski USD 25 15 Minutes
Water Ski USD 30 15 Minutes
Wake Board USD 30 15 Minutes
Banana Boat USD 20 30 Minutes
Glass Bottom Boat USD 25 30 Minutes
Turtle Island Tour USD 30 1 Hour
Fly Fish USD 20 15 Minutes
Dolphin Tour USD 70 4 Hours
Trolling or coral fishing tour USD 90 4 Hours
Deep Sea Fishing USD 500 4 Hours
Flyboard USD 50 15 Minutes
Sea Scooter / Underwater Scooter USD 60 25 Minutes


Package A USD 67/person
  • Banana Boat
  • Jet Ski
  • Flying Fish
  • Snorkeling

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Package B USD 53/person
  • Snorkeling
  • Turtle Island
  • Glass Bottom Boat
  • Flying Fish

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Package C USD 71/person
  • 1 * Scuba diving
  • Flying fish
  • Banana Boat
  • Jet ski

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Package D USD 97/person
  • Donut Boat
  • Jet Ski
  • Flying Fish
  • 2* Dives Nusa Dua

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Package E USD 77/person
  • Snorkeling
  • Parasailing Adventure
  • Banana Boat
  • Jet Ski

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Package F USD 125person
  • Fly Board
  • Donut Boat
  • Bali Ocean Walker
  • Jet ski

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Noted :

Price includes: transportation, snorkeling gear, and fishing gear (minimum 3 people)

NOTES: lunch and soft drinks are included for fishing and dolphin tours only


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