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Bali Land Rover tour offer challenging and unforgettable experience of 4WD Bali adventures or day jeep tour and will make your holidays fun and memorable in Bali. Enjoy exhilarating safari tour in a legendary Bali Land Rover to adventures in country side of Bali and Explore the Magic of Balinese spectacular views in an approximately 8 hours drive. Our service start from our driver will pick up you at your hotel to embark on this 4 WD Bali Tour, which is a combination of public with the main roads and busy highways on to back roads and through authentic villages. Your journey to the soul of Bali is one of comfort excitement and adventure. Our Journey in Bali land Rover Tour customized only five people together with our guide and driver. 4 WD Bali with Air conditioned, comfortable and the route through scenic country side and  not very strenuous.


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